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  • When different worlds come together

    When worlds come together to create something beautiful: Behind the Scenes with Bob Packert.

    The prodcution took place up north, far north where the ground accumulates generous snow and the elevation gently takes your breath away.  Well no, not really we were only out in the woods after all.  Though nature does evoke feelings of a far off land.  The roads were unpaved and the trees, though barren, were lush with empty branches.  The evelvation didn't really take our breath away; the cold air might have consumed us but even the cold could not prevent this production from unfolding.

    Along with their talents, every single person brought with them an air of enthusiam.  And that equated to a well oiled machine.  The moving pieces flowed effortlessly.  Every detail from the attire/jewelry, hair/makeup, location and so forth were well thought out and executed.  Even the weather decided to play a part gracing us with a few snowflakes for at least part of the day.

    Here are some images of what took place on that shoot.  Enjoy. 

    Anna, the brave wild woman out in the middle of the ice.

    Getting ready for another scene.

    Carmen and Buck.

    Kristy with Anna for the outfit changes.

    Jenny finds a second to elevate her cold feet between outfit changes.

    Dawn with her amazingly wild hair piece created by Jeni.

    Kristy and Jeni.

    Jeni and Carmen attaching Carmen's unique branch design.

    Jeni's brilliance illuminated through Anna's eyes. 

    Bob directing another incredible scene.

    Carmen with Dawn between outfit changes.

    When worlds come together to create something beautiful: Behind the Scenes with Bob Packert and all of these other amazing individuals.

    Designers: Frias Yousif   |   Candice Wu   |   Evan Michel Industry   |   Rufus Dixon

    Furs: Mark Miller

    Graphic Designer: Mark Sylvester

    Hair and Makeup: Jeni Olivier

    Head Piece Designer (artist): Carmen O'Connor

    Jewelry: Persona

    Jewelry Designer: Joseph Gordon Cleveland

    Models: Anna Aleksandra Jonynas with Dynasty Models and Talent   |   Dawnmarie Currier with Maggie Models Inc.

    Photographer: Bob Packert

    Photography Assistant: Buck Squibb

    Stylist: Kristy Downer

    Stylist Assistant: Jenny DeFlorio